Neil Amonson's Message of Hope and Encourgement

I had the pleasure of meeting Neil Amonson and was able to record his message of hope and encouragement to kids who are struggling in school. Check it out by clicking on the link below:



Neil Amonson was born in New Jersey and in grade school was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Academics and the routine of the classroom environment were a struggle for him and his high energy. It wouldn’t be until years later that he realized that what our culture calls a disorder, he considers a gift. After reading a book called Emotional Intelligence , by Daniel Goleman in high school, Amonson realized that his strengths were not something he would ever receive a test grade on.

After high school, Neil opted to join the military. To him, it looked like a great way to learn some of the structure he needed to give his creativity a healthy space to work within while taking a break from the testing based system of traditional school. Upon completing his four year enlistment in the Air Force Special Operations, Neil emerged a decorated combat veteran. Looking for a change of pace, he moved to Utah to work with high-risk youth at a therapeutic boarding school.

While in Utah, Neil earned his Bachelors degree in Professional Aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Today, he works with GoPro on a full-time basis as a foundational member of the GoPro Bomb Squad.